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January 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Here is an ad by Equinox that pisses me off:

Here is yet another ridiculous NYC fantasy that poisons the minds of women in this town: A young woman in a million-dollar Manhattan apartment (judging by the view), decorated in such a manner as to reveal she has zero responsibilities in life – leaving her nothing but free time which she spends gloating via her morning yoga practice.

Who is paying the maintenance on this apartment?  Judging from her tramp-stamp, it must be some sucker-tool of a man who should be stocking up on natural male enhancement and flying to Thailand instead of paying this girl’s bills.

But what offends me even more is this subtle notion that men are not needed (except to foot all a woman’s bills):  A woman can sublimate all her orgasmic and affection-based needs into a yoga practice which will leave her fulfilled.  What bullshit!  Anyway, that’s just what we need in NYC – more separation between the sexes.

I’ve been talking to a lot of men and women lately and what always strikes me is the utter psychological weakness they are all victim too.  You’ll hear them whine about how they lay in bed for a whole month because some guy left them, or how some chick left them and they were useless for an entire year.

Seriously folks, getting your arm hacked off with a machete because you voted for the wrong candidate in the Congo is a calamity.  So is being raped with a bayonet and shitting in a bag the rest of your life.  Some romantic partner who refuses to show up and play is the least of your fucking problems.



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