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October 14th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Yesterday I talked about how besides increases semen volume for yourself, you need to focus on having an open heart to have success with women.  Just strengthening your sexual power is not enough.  You must open your heart power as well.  That doesn’t mean acting like Eben Pagan or the Inauthentic Man Program in San Francisco.  LOL!  They are actually called the Authentic Man Program but I thought I would be funny about it.  It’s another bunch of guys who think being present is staring into a woman’s eyes to the point of creepiness.

Not that there is anything wrong with being creepy.  The famous underground PUA sensation named “60″ who hails from my hometown of NYC is always saying that you need to “push creepy” and he is correct.  Both 60 and Dimitri are on the edge of creepy but they are really confident in their human interactions and in communicating their wants and needs as men.  So when a woman says you are “creepy” they often are testing your confidence because for a man it is really painful to be called creepy.

However, if you use Eben Pagan or Authentic Man style, then you are just fucking creepy.  Same with Ross Jeffries.  Mega-creeps!  The whole difference really comes down to FEELING what you are saying. If what you say is really in alignment with what you feel you will never be creepy.  You may scare some woman, but you won’t be creepy.

But scaring women or OVERWHELMING them is still a bad thing, so in many cases you want to do what my friend Enrico does and what he calls “ending creepy” as opposed to “starting creepy.”  It is my tendency to start creepy and his to end as such.  Basically, what this means is save all the filthy talk until you are fucking them.  But it is hard for a dinner party wrecker (DPW) such as myself sometimes.  I like to counter women’s shit-tests sometimes by telling them they something a little too sexual, a little too soon.  So it is something I stopped doing.  Instead I use 60′s hand-stroking method combined with Nityama energy methods (as best as I can do them).

Anyway, tomorrow I talk about this Timeout NY article I read about hooking up in NYC.  I take some issues with the article, but will wait until tomorrow to go into them.   Here is a video I was watching on youtube, followed by the coolest comment ever for a 90′s rap video:

“Man i miss the 90′s my high school dayz,when music was real and gutta,when most women were straight,and nigga wear baggy jeans with one leg up and one leg down,but these day most women are lesi or bi,and niggas wear tight jean,and listen to lil wayne,and saying no homo,”

That comment made me crack up for realz.  There is definitely too much gender-bending nonsense in the new generation for my taste.  It may work for a fellow if he is really into bisexual gals and trolls online sites looking for them, but that’s another post as well.



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