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February 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

A friend sent me this article today for some mutual mockery…

As far as that letter goes, the guy who wrote it was not a crazy stalker at all.  He has quite the opposite of stalker energy!  His only mistake was being nervous and non-aggressive.  lol   Yes, I am being a bit sarcastic here, because that is a BIG mistake!  However, his email was really open and fair and in typical fashion the women make fun of him.  All because he didn’t have any confidence that night.  So let this be a lesson: women show NO mercy to a man whom they judge as weak.  So take your penis pills so you can be aggressive and not “written off” by women.

Want to see something interesting?  Check out their “about us” page…

It appears to me to be a rag-tag collection of homosexuals, pussies, gold-diggers, and females with a sexual market value of zero…  Just the type of people who should not be doling out advice!

Bryce is the only attractive woman (borderline beautiful) which is why she is their leader, but I saw her on that Millionaire Matchmaker show and she seems one of those girls who got pregnant and it didn’t work out with the man so now she has an ax to grind against all men.   I feel kind of bad for her, because despite the fact she is attractive and still young, she is still a single mom and therefore it’s “game over” pretty much.  What man who would be her match would be interested in taking care of a kid that isn’t his own?  So she is in a hopeless position in the dating market and she knows it, hence she grinds that ax extra hard out of frustration.



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