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Those of you who grew up back in the day will no doubt remember “2 Live Crew” and their “shockingly sexual” hip-hop album.  Looking back there was really nothing shocking about it, other then white conservatives finally got to hear how black Americans talk amongst each other when “the man” wasn’t listening in.  In that regard, I am not even sure if I can call the work of 2 Live Crew “hip-hop” at all.  It’s “rap” at best, and even that is a stretch given 2 Live Crew had the lyrical creativity of a bunch of special education students in a NYC Junior High School.  But, as I said they were the first to be so honest about their sexual desires and this put them on the map forever.

But women often complain that men just want “a piece of pussy” and blah, blah, blah… but is this really so bad?  In a way, the guy saying this is often recognizing that the most magical aspect of a woman is in fact, her pussy!  Can you imagine a man without a cock?  I suppose for many women, this would be fine as they just use men as workhorses anyway…  but the bottom line is that the only time a man really gets to experience his power is when he is up inside a woman’s pussy and she is in the throes of orgasm.

So when men run around chanting 2 Live Crew lyrics, what if they were really chanting that they want to feel their power?

It’s like women who are constantly posting up their amateur “modelling” pictures on Facebook and changing their profile pic every other day.  What are they trying to feel?  Their beauty?  Ultimately they are looking for their own power as well…

Here is an example of pornstar Aletta Ocean who may be walking down a very dangerous path…





You can see when she auditioned for porn (pic on left) she wasn’t the best looking girl.  But she had fantastic surgery and transformed herself into a woman who looked truly gorgeous (pic in middle).  But apparently she doesn’t feel that way and continues to get surgery (pic on right).  The problem is she has now overdone the whole thing and has begun to spoil that magickal look that took her to the top.  I can only imagine that she will continue to get surgery until she ends up a total mess.  It’s sad, because she really had achieved the perfect look.  But most people don’t know when to quit, because even though they can change the outer appearance, the inner landscape pretty much remains the same and this is what drives them nuts.

I hope someone talks some sense into this girl before it is too late.  Where is her pimp?  Napping on the job? lol



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