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Last night I got invited to a private rooftop party by a friend in the 90′s on the East side of Manhattan.  It was a nice little place on the 6th floor of a “classic” Manhattan tenement building.

The problem was that the party was packed with rag-tag Russian whores.  I’m talking D-list babes who were so beat up they look like they did gangbangs on Russian army bases or something…  Only one of them was fuckable, in a filthy Rocco Siffredi “Animal Trainer” sort-of-way…   Yet there was no chance to get any gaming done in such an arena:  when Russian chicks are young they are still down for some fun between whoring appointments, but once they hit a certain age they mean business 100%!

What’s absolutely amazing is that back in Russia no man would pay any of these women a moment’s worth of attention, except maybe to toss them an obligatory beating.  Yet in New York, they actually have value because they attract the interest of loser New York men who made “a little bit of money” yet still can’t do any better with the ladies due to age, lack of manhood, poor social skills, etc. – and the fact that New York women are really a disaster anyway.

So these Russian sukas, who should be embarrassed by themselves, are instead embarrassed by these men that they prey on.

Life sucks.

As I was walking home from the party, some fat, old, balding asshole starts honking his horn as I am passing his SUV and talking on my cell.  I told him, “C’mon man…” and he starts cursing at me, telling me to shove my ponytail up my ass, etc. I flipped off his aggression since I was talking on the phone and didn’t want to interrupt my call to kick his Upper East Side ass, and this only made him more angry and the curses and threats came flying after me.  But when a guy is in his 50′s, fat, balding, and sitting in an SUV honking after his wife who ignores him because he has absolutely no value to her except as an object of disrespect anyway… what can you really do to such a guy to make his situation worse?  You can only risk getting locked up for assault.

Plus I wanted to get some sushi…

Anyway, later that night I found this amazing documentary on youtube that explains why NYC turned into such a pile of shit.  This documentary revisits a NYC that was filled with sexual expression that was available in Times Square, Plato’s Retreat, Studio 54, or with the thousands of hookers that worked the various tracks around the city.  This sexual freedom gave birth to incredible creativity, manifesting in the birth of punk rock and hip hop, graffiti and an inspiring art scene.

But do you know why this was all possible?  Only because it cost almost nothing to live here.  Neighborhoods like Soho and Tribeca, which cost fortunes to live in today, in 1977 were close to free.  Nobody wanted to live there.  There was also little bureaucracy – people opened up dance clubs in Soho with no licensure of any kind.

Without financial stress, one is not in survival mode, and when one is not in survival mode, one is free to have sex and create and party.  But when one is struggling to survive, the root chakra takes all the energy from the sex chakra.

So how did things become so expensive?  Once word got out about the magic that was NYC, the whole world decided they wanted to move here and so they did.  But since NYC is surrounded by water, all that happened was real estate prices went up.  So everyone slipped into survival mode, and the root chakra usurped the sex chakra.


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