Virility FAQs

“How come I don’t see any comparisons between your product and the “competition” on Google or YouTube?

You may find that many so-called comparison sites and videos are owned-and-operated by the “winner” of said comparison. I could probably increase my sales by putting up a website under another name and indulging these sorts of hijinks, but I’d rather make less sales. ;) But for those of you who like to compare products side-by-side, here you go:

One competitor 1 bottle $59.95 90 tablets $0.66/tablet
Another competitor 1 bottle $65 60 tablets $1.08/tablet
MoneyShot® 2 bottles $69 240 tablets $0.29/tablet


OMG! While MoneyShot LOOKS the most expensive you actually save 70% more then the “competition.” Okay, there IS no competition. LOL!


“Will it work for me if I am under 35?



“Why Is Your Product So Expensive?”

First of all, I give you the most tablets at the lowest price. Plus, you get a free bottle for every bottle you buy. But you can’t even compare me to the other “cum pill” makers out there because I don’t make “cum pills.” I make “ejaculatory explosives.” Many sexual enhancement herbal supplements are also made from the lowest grade ingredients. In other words if we take about an ingredient like “horny goat weed,” we need to be aware that there are different levels of quality for the plant. Just like there are different levels of quality in terms of, say, marijuana! LOL! Now you cannot tell if the horny goat weed you read about on a product label is high or low quality just by reading the label, but you can tell when you take it! Naturally, many companies increase their profit margins by using the cheapest horny goat weed they can get. MoneyShot® is far more expensive to make then my so-called “competition,” leaving me with no choice but to sell direct. There is simply no “fat” in my profits from which distributors and magazine ad reps can live off. But at the end of the day, the issue is never price – only results.


“Are You Going To Charge My Credit Card Over-And-Over? Is This Some Sort Of “Continuity Program?”

Nope! I do not engage in such practices. Your credit card is charged only once. There is no “repeat billing.” No “continuity program.” I know you’ve probably had trouble before with some other supplement company that kept on billing you after you told them to cancel. That really sucks.


“Can’t I Just Abstain From Sex For A While?”

Unless you are ejaculating “too frequently,” abstaining from sex will only give you limited results.


“My Wife Is Going To Be So Mad That I Spent Money On This!”

It’s in a woman’s nature to be supportive and of service to a man who is very masculine. Once you are shooting bigger loads you will find that you’ll have “bigger balls.” Consequently, your wife is going to start to have a lot more respect for you and your sex life will improve accordingly. What woman doesn’t want a better sex life?


“Isn’t Shooting Big Loads Just A Function Of Genetics?”

Nope. It is mostly a function of diet and the manner in which you ejaculate. You may notice that when you ejaculate into a woman in the doggie-style position, you experience more contractions and ejaculate more? This is because stimulating the underside of the penis with a lighter yet even pressure while maintaining a constant thrusting rhythm of 1.25 or 2.5 cycles per second allows for an optimal succession of the hardest contractions. The body does this naturally during intercourse in doggie style because doggie style is the most natural position to have sex in for breeding purposes (just look at animals). But when you go to cum all over a woman’ face you probably copy the manual stroking you see in porn films where the actor is squeezing his cock like he wants to choke it out in the UFC or something! This blocks the natural peristaltic contractions during ejaculation.


“Is This Something Like, You Know, Like All The Porn Guys – Do They Take This Stuff?”

Several famous porn stars take MoneyShot®. The general public often fails to realize just how difficult it is to be a male porn star. A 30-minute scene on your favorite DVD may have required several hours worth of shooting. Most men would have trouble getting and keeping a rock-hard erection on demand for a period of several hours. Even if you could, could you resist shooting-off early inside the ass of Aletta Ocean or Tori Black? Yes, I know I’m revealing my personal tastes here… I’m also a fan of Lilliane Tiger so all you blondes just relax! Incidentally, one of the extra benefits of MoneyShot® is that it helps with staying power.


“How Long Does It Take To Work?”

I’ve had customers report results in as little as 45 minutes. Is this going to be everyone’s experience? Nope. Everybody is different. However, based on conversations with many customers, the fastest results will be attained if you take 6-8 tablets a few hours before sex and drink plenty of water. Most people will get a noticeable result very fast this way.


“Do I Have To Restrict My Ejaculations?”

Some of the other “cum pill” makers will tell you that you have to “save up” your semen while taking their product. So is their product working or are your results simply from “saving up?” The whole point of MoneyShot® is that it will give you massive loads without any changes in your sexual behavior. However, if you are ejaculating several times a day, day-after -day, it is not realistic to expect incredible results. Give your body a rest! Another thing to keep in mind is that MoneyShot® will give you the ability to have more sex, so be careful not to overdo it because when you are “spent” it is much harder to achieve your goal of massive loads very easily.


“Is It Safe? Are There Any ‘Side effects’?”

MoneyShot® is an ALL NATURAL nutritional supplement made from herbs. There are no stimulants or chemicals up in here! It is just nutrition to support your sperm production. Some customers have said that they feel like there is a “stimulant” in it, but that’s just what it feels like to have balls ! Sperm is alive and vibrates like all living things do. When you’ve got a ton of cum bouncing around in your balls, you’ll feel “stimulated” too!


“Is It Safe For Diabetics?”

People should always consult their doctors before taking any nutritional supplement and this is especially critical if you have a medical condition like diabetes. MoneyShot® does contain a certain small amount of naturally occuring sugars.


“Is There An Increased Risk For Pregnancy?”

You bet. Quite a few customers actually buy MoneyShot® to help them make a baby. I’ve gotten several “thank you” emails in this regard. So, if you don’t want to make babies use birth control – or ejaculate anywhere except for inside her pussy.


“Do I Have To Take Them Every Day?”

No. While the recommended dosage on the bottle is 2 tablets twice per day, many customers take 6-8 tablets a few hours before sex and get the same, if not better results. In many cases, this practice makes the bottle last longer. Once again, remember to drink plenty of water with the product because many people don’t drink enough water. Being under-hydrated is not going to help your quest for massive loads. WARNING: That I mention that some customers take 6-8 tablets in a shot is NOT an invitation to see how many tablets you can consume! I have the thought some hardcore mofo will get the idea to consume an entire bottle and post his load up on youtube. That’s a really stupid idea and the only videos he’ll be uploading will be of him on the throne with diarrhea and/or a stomach ache. Use your brain when seeking the optimum dosage for your body. ;)


“Are There Any Other Benefits?”

Some customers report an enhanced staying power, while others report a bigger girth. I had to start using “magnum” condoms because my cock got fatter. How is this possible? MoneyShot® contains a generous amount of niacinamide (non-flush niacin) which acts on the DHT receptor sites in your penis. When your DHT receptors can interact with the DHT in your penis more effectively, your cock will fatten up. You won’t be gaining inches, but you will notice a difference. Other customers report being able to have more sex, with less recovery time (shorter refractory periods) after ejaculations. Some women have even taken MoneyShot® and reported that it made them incredibly horny and unable to control their urges for physical stimulation. ;)


“Can I ‘Stack’ Them With Sildenafil Citrate?”

Sildenafil citrate usage requires a physical evaluation and a prescription from a medical doctor. I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. However, many customers have told me that they find MoneyShot® the perfect companion to a very low dose (25mg) of sildenafil citrate because it allows them an “incredible finish.”


“What Else Can I Do To Increase My ‘Loads’?”

As I have said before, always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Also, a diet rich in high-vitamin cod liver oil and zinc is very important. So is a diet high in sodium ascorbate and citrus bioflavanoids. All of these suggestions are inexpensive, totally natural, and will nutritionally support your Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis.


“How Fast Do You Ship?”

I usually ship out the same day you place your order assuming the post office is open. Your order will take 2-3 days to reach you, depending on where you live.


“Will It Improve The Taste Of My Semen?”

Many women experience a psychological issue with having a man’s cum in their mouth, let alone swallowing it. Rather then dealing with their issues surrounding surrendering to their man and showing love for his essence, they find themselves claiming it doesn’t “taste good.” I like to say, “If she doesn’t swallow, she doesn’t love you.” With that being said, many men probably need to clean up their diet which will change the taste of their semen. You can’t pound the Mickie-D’s all day and expect chicks to be crazy about swallowing your cum. Unless your girlfriend is Sasha Grey: I saw some gangbang clip with her on one of those tube sites and 9 or 10 dudes who looked like they just rolled out of the In-and-Out Burger ejaculated into her mouth one-after-the-other and she swallowed the whole dump in one shot with a smile. That’s one nasty girl. ;)


“Will It Interact With Any Other Medications?”

MoneyShot® is an all-natural nutritional supplement and not a drug or medication. Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes if you are taking any drugs or medications.


“Do You Ship In An Unmarked, Plain Package?”

Yes. Unless someone opens your mail, they will have no way of knowing what you ordered.


“Is This A Months’ Supply?”

You get a free bottle with every bottle you buy, so if you buy one bottle – you are actually getting a 2 month’s supply!


“The More I Buy The More I Save, Yes?

Yes! Since you get a free bottle with every bottle you buy, the more bottles you buy – the more money you save!

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"So you know, your product helps kinda' regain that."

"Yeah, it’s the fun aspect of it, but I think it also – what it does is it like... I don’t know. It’s not the fountain of youth, so to speak, but it’s like as you get older and things start to – you know, you have to take a little more effort to do certain things and whether it’s sex or whether it's workin’ out, or whatever it may be. So you know, your product helps kinda' regain that."

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"A guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product."

"Probably after looking at the website, probably a guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product. And I don’t necessarily know how you, you know, came to the conclusion to put X, Y, Z as the ingredients in the product, but I just figured it was a guy probably like me looking for something extra in his sex life, and that’s what they did. They got together and created a product for it. I gave actually some – a couple pills to my boss and then to my brother to try out. And, you know, they’re kinda' like me, like dirty like me too."