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“World-Famous Fetish Photographer John Donegan Takes MoneyShot To Increase Semen Volume And Produce The Finest In Fetish Photography.”




Anyone who knows anything about fetish photography has heard of the world-famous John Donegan! He’s currently shooting a very exclusive, limited-edition cumshot art series for an art gallery in Europe. This series will eventually become a hardback, collector’s edition coffee-table photography book like most of John’s work.

What’s so awesome is that these are REAL authentic personal cumshots from John himself – with no retouching of any kind, because John Donegan’s cumshots are powered by MoneyShot! We will be featuring a new “Cum Art” gallery print each month so check back often every month!

John’s large 13×19 art gallery prints sell for $600 and up for signed limited editions, and they can never be seen anywhere else on the internet or in any other venue in the USA.

Remember, signed art gallery prints are available! Contact John directly for details!

By the way, Don’t miss the 6-page Feature Article on Mr. Donegan and the interview with the master of fetish photography himself in the April 2010 issue of Hustler’s TABOO Magazine that will discuss and showcase his unique and erotic approach to fetish photography.

John can be contacted at:

John Donegan Productions
Nashville, TN

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