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“Male enhancement” is one of those things that people often think of as a little bit shady. After all, “male enhancement” is just another term for “penis enlargement,” right?


Male enhancement is ANYTHING that will enhance a man’s sexual abilities.

The notion of a “penis enlargement pill” was first dreamt up by a brilliant marketer by the name of Vincent James. His girlfriend at the time had introduced him to “breast enlargement pills” and he thought to himself: “What if I claimed a pill could enlarge the penis?” Please notice I just wrote “claimed” as opposed to “created.”

This is very important because there is NO SUCH THING as a pill that will enlarge your penis. There are ways to enlarge your penis that don’t involve pills, but there are no pills that will do the job – at least not as of yet! If such pills existed, every man would have a dick down to the floor and women would be complaining.

Vincent James went on to make over 200 million dollars until he wound up in jail. His success brought a myriad of other marketers into the arena, the most successful of them taking a prostate support formula and re-branding it as “Enzyte.” Enzyte went on to do ONE BILLION DOLLARS in sales until the founder found himself on the same side of the law as did Vincent James, and is currently serving out a very long sentence in a Federal prison.

But this is all ancient history, because by now everybody has realized that there is no such thing as a “penis enlargement pill” since everybody bought them and nothing happened! LOL

But, everybody also knows that there is such a thing as a “male enhancement pill” because by now everybody knows a man’s sexual functioning can in fact be enhanced by big pharma PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They work amazingly, assuming you don’t suffer any of the potential side-effects.

But PDE-5 inhibitors have raised the bar for sexual performance in both stories told by friends and lovers, as well as in mainstream pornography. Porn star Rocco Siffredi joked in a recent issue of AVN that PDE-5 inhibitors and cheap HD cameras have turned everyone into a potential porn star and/or pornographer. While this is bad for the professionals like Rocco, it also raises the bar for men everywhere who feel they must compete with those who take PDE-5 inhibitors.

In fact, they do!

Women are always comparing men they are having sex with against other men they’ve slept with in the past, and discussing it amongst their female friends. A bad performance will spread throughout town in no time, and a potential player who puts on a poor performance may end up finding himself… playing with… himself!

Even if the lady is not a gossip, the man still has to measure up against the men who have gone before him. He will be graded not only on size, but on hardness, staying power, etc.

The first time a man sleeps with a new woman is the most critical, as this first impression will be branded into her brain forever. Most men get hooked on PDE-5 inhibitors after using them to excel that one night, and then deciding they always want to feel this sexually powerful.

The trouble is that nobody really knows what the long-term consequences of their usage will entail – much like nobody knows what long term usage of cell phones will do to the human body, either…

This creates a huge potential market for natural, herbal substitutes.

So, male enhancement is really anything that enhances your sexual functioning and your sexual functioning can be broken down into 4 categories:

1.Supplements that make your penis bigger. 2.Supplements that help you last longer. 3.Supplements that help you ejaculate more and have more intense orgasms. 4.Supplements that increase sexual desire and erection strength.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what is realistic to expect with regard to these 4 categories because the male enhancement industry still needs to do some serious housecleaning as it is filled with products making outrageous claims, and/or which are adulterated with new classes of poorly tested PDE-5 inhibitors, developed in China – which are often undetectable by assay. More on this later on…

Supplements that make your penis bigger.

Once again, there is no such thing. The only substance that can temporarily increase the size of you penis is prescription-only DHT gel. It is hard-to-find, expensive, and sports some potentially nasty side-effects. Plus, the moment you stop using it, your penis returns to its’ original size.

There are also many cases of people reporting successful, permanent size increases via traction-based methodologies. A friend of mine in the industry used The Grip system for 2 years and reported an increase in over 2 inches in length. But keep in mind he used this thing DAILY, for LONG PERIODS OF TIME, for 2 YEARS.

Also, these systems are potentially dangerous since you are always at risk for cutting off blood flow and inflicting permanent nerve damage to your penis. The trouble with traction, you see, is that the force needs to be attached somewhere in order to maintain the traction. That somewhere is always the sensitive head of your penis.

Proponents of traction, pumping, and jelquing fail to realize that penises are very different from each other not only in size and shape, but in physical construction. Not all penises can withstand these sorts of forces that are applied to them with these methods.

So let’s just forget about enlarging the penis for now. If a method for doing so is ever discovered, I doubt very highly it will be in the form of a supplement.

However, you will still find a slew of companies out there claiming their supplement will enlarge your penis. How does their scam work? The same way it always did!

They get you on an auto-ship program. When the first bottle arrives, you’ll notice that the ingredients make your cock harder then usual, and hence slightly bigger. This is not a difficult trick of light to execute, as most guys are softer and smaller from constantly jerking off to porn while suffering the cumulative effects of daily stress.

So this initial “size increase” fans the fires of hope, while the merchant hopes it will take a few months on auto-ship before the customer throws in the towel and cancels his subscription.

Supplements that help you last longer.

No matter how big your cock is, you need to be able to thrust long enough to make a girl cum. Having incredible staying power is very much appreciated by women who are multi-orgasmic. They never tire of you pumping them. But is there a supplement that will allow you to last longer?

Let’s start with the option that big pharma offers – Dapoxetine. Sold under the brand name “Priligy.” What happened, is that these days more-and-more people are on anti-depressants, specifically SSRIs. The way SSRIs work, is they increase the levels of serotonin in the brain because serotonin is what allows you to repress your feelings, as opposed to dopamine which encourages you to express them.

See, if you are depressed, what is really happening is you are angry and cannot express it. So the anger, instead of exploding, implodes. This implosion of anger is depression. Why are you angry to begin with? Because your life sucks and you want to change it. Anger at your circumstances is a force for change. But in modern society we are taught anger is wrong. Of course it is wrong – in the eyes of those who shape society because they want you to be a drugged-up, impotent robot so that they can stay at the top! So you don’t express your anger, your circumstances don’t change… and you end up feeling hopeless and depressed.

Anyway, so all of these depressed people who flocked to SSRIs discovered an interesting thing: women can’t orgasm while on them, and men can’t cum. As a result, some men started taking anti-depressants for unlimited staying power. It takes a few weeks to kick in and messes up the brain chemistry, but it does do the job.

Which gave big pharma an idea: why not create a fast-acting, short-term SSRI just for ejaculatory control? Introducing Dapoxetine!

The trouble with Dapoxetine is that it isn’t strong like a full-blown course of SSRIs so you still need to learn a tantric method of ejaculatory control like contracting the pelvic floor or something. The good news is that when you combine the two, you can quickly become an overnight sexual yoga master and fuck your woman all night long – literally. The good thing about Dapoxetine, is that after a whole night of fucking, when the sun comes up you can still shoot the biggest load of your life, especially if you are taking MoneyShot cum pills. This is something you wouldn’t be able to do while on a standard regimen of SSRIs.

Naturally, nobody knows the long term effects on your brain from constantly popping Dapoxetine. So some will opt for a more natural method of spiking the serotonin levels in the brain. The only two options are 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan. You’ll have to experiment to see what works, but it won’t work as well as Dapoxetine. You may want to try combining the two for maximum effect.

There are some herbs in MoneyShot pills that will help you last longer. For example, goji – otherwise known as wolfberries, got that name because people who ingest them tend to fuck like wolves, and wolves fuck for a long time.

But what causes premature ejaculation then? It really comes down to tension in the pelvis. The more relaxed your pelvis, the longer you can last. I recommend Shamanic Dearmoring to reduce said tension.

Supplements that help you ejaculate more and have more intense orgasms.

Now we get into a space where all-natural male enhancement supplements can really shine. There are all-natural combinations of herbs that can make you shoot the biggest loads of your life. MoneyShot Pills is one of those products.

One of the problems in the “natural” male enhancement market is that most companies enter this niche to make maximum profit. In order to do so, they have to make their product as cheap as possible. So they give you 30 or 60 capsules that are like 500mg each, but MoneyShot give s you 120 tablets that are 1200mg each!

They also use cheap ingredients of poor extraction quality and in amounts that are too small to be effective. Not MoneyShot! I didn’t enter this arena to get rich, I entered it to get famous for producing the BEST cum shot pills on the planet.

My point is, when you are taking such low dosages of such low quality herbs, you really can’t expect amazing results. If you do get amazing results, then you know these herbs were sprayed down with a pharmaceutical to give such results. So always look for high dosages of high quality ingredients, and you’ll know you are staying natural!

There are other things you can do to increase semen volume, of course, like consuming a lot of protein in the form of eggs, eating sunflower and pumpkin seeds along with goji berries, and taking around 5 grams of vitamin C every day.

Many of my customers like to take MoneyShot with a PDE-5 inhibitor like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra because those drugs allow them to cum multiple times and MoneyShot makes sure that something will come out each time – making every ejaculation pleasurable.

Supplements that increase sexual desire and erection strength.

This is an area that is getting more important as time goes on because testosterone levels – just like sperm count and motility levels, are dropping with each passing year. Over-masturbation due to online pornography combines with economic stressors to really bring down a man’s sexual power. This draws men even closer to abusing PDE-5 inhibitors in order to perform, which creates even more problems.


PDE-5 inhibitors relax your smooth muscles, making it easier to get and stay hard. You may notice that after you cum on such drugs, you can get hard again very fast and maintain the erection but it is a little “rubbery.” This is because there are fewer hormones behind the erection, it is just a blood flow phenomenon. Keeping an erection when there are insufficient hormones behind them is stressful on the heart, and one of the reasons your heart beats harder when on PDE-5 inhibitors. It also messes with your liver, and produces visual side-effects.

The use of PDE-5 inhibitors makes it even more important to consume supplements that increase sexual desire and erection strength. Basically, you have to make sure you have the hormonal health to back up those erections and thereby minimize any side-effects of PDE-5 inhibition usage.

Raising testosterone is critical, and can be achieved by taking tongkat ali or MoneyShot Pills. For those with severe stress levels, the consumption of buffered vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) is critical. This is because your adrenal glands are the biggest victims of stress, and your adrenal glands are literally made from vitamin C. If your adrenal glands are shot, you entire endocrine system will collapse so consume 5 grams of sodium ascorbate dissolved in a glass of water every night before bed to make sure you can re-charge during the night.

Once your adrenal glands are restored along with all your other hormone levels, then using PDE-5 inhibitors are far safer and more pleasurable.

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about male enhancement. Forget about enlarging your penis for now, and focus on shooting the biggest loads possible and keeping your hormone levels as healthy as possible so there is some substance behind you when you take PDE-5 inhibitors and Dapoxetine.

I drop monster loads all the time and can probably go up against Peter North on most days. It isn’t some genetic thing – you can do it too, because it has to do with a once secret Chinese herbal formula more then anything else!

Now, it used to be that this secret Chinese herbal formula was hand-ground and personally put into capsules for me by a Chinese medical doctor who was a friend (I think he got a vicarious thrill knowing that he was supporting of my crazy pick-up artist adventures).

To be honest with you, I didn’t believe that there would be any demand if I turned this formula into a product like MoneyShot®. I thought I was the only guy who loved ejaculating all over a woman and leaving puddles on the floor. Then one day while on tour promoting a book, I was invited as a guest on Playboy Radio’s “Afternoon Advice” show with super-sexy Tiffany Granath.

Plato and Jack guarding the stripper pole at Andrita Studios, Los Angeles.

Plato and Jack guarding the stripper pole
at Andrita Studios, Los Angeles.

At one point in the show I happened to mention to a caller that he could increase his ejaculation volume by drinking a certain sports drink (no longer manufactured). At that point the phone lines went out-of-control.

Tiffany said, “I think you’ve got your next product.”

I sat on the fence for a while about it. Then they re-ran the show and people started flooding the station with calls again. The e-mails kept streaming into my inbox. So I decided to make my personal formulation available to the public.

But it was a long road to get from point A to point B. I spent months researching manufacturers. I didn’t want the formula made overseas, because then I would have no way to guarantee the quality of the product. I like to be able to visit the factory, and I hate the fact that nothing seems to be made in the good ole’ US of A anymore. Seems like everything is outsourced these days.

Eventually I found a fully-certified manufacturer in the United States with top production facilities and set out to mass-produce this formulation under the highest standards of quality control. The manufacturer warned me that some of these ingredients were hard to get and that they would sometimes run out due to the large quantities that I wanted produced, but I advised them to blaze on and make my new dream your reality.

I named the formulation “MoneyShot® 1200mg Ejaculatory Explosives!”

So how did I hook up with Jack Lawrence?

Well, one of my customers and friend is porn star Frank Steedz.

Frank writes to me one day and says how much he loves my product, and that he is going to get the word out on how good it is. Some time later, the legendary Jack Lawrence e-mails me and says that Frank Steedz is singing my praises. Now what I didn’t realize at the time, is that Frank Steedz became a porn star because he purchased Jack Lawrence’s 8+ hour DVD set, “Breaking Into Porn” so those two are tight.

Plato and Jack being interviewed by CBS/KCAL9 Los Angeles.

Plato and Jack being interviewed
by CBS/KCAL9 Los Angeles.

Anyway, Jack says:

“Send me some samples and let me see if this stuff really works. I’m in my 40s and not known for having the biggest pop shot in the industry. It’s my only weak point.”

So I send him a case. :) A few weeks later he e-mails me and says:

“Holy shit, I used your product while on set all weekend and I kept having big pop shot after big pop shot!”

That’s pretty much why we rule

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"A guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product."

"Probably after looking at the website, probably a guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product. And I don’t necessarily know how you, you know, came to the conclusion to put X, Y, Z as the ingredients in the product, but I just figured it was a guy probably like me looking for something extra in his sex life, and that’s what they did. They got together and created a product for it. I gave actually some – a couple pills to my boss and then to my brother to try out. And, you know, they’re kinda' like me, like dirty like me too."