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With all of the recent advancements in the medical field, it seems now that there is a specialty pill, supplement, or tonic for any kind of function you could ask of your body. There are pills that promise to enlarge your penis, and there are drugs you can take that will give you rock-hard erections lasting for hours and hours. There are supplements for increasing your sex drive to the point where you could chase down and armadillo and fuck it until it looks like roadkill. Recently, scientists have uncovered a way to make you ejaculate more each time you bust a nut. A supplement that does this is known as a . But what exactly is a ? How does it work, and what exactly is it that MAKES it work?

These pills are specially made to increase the amount of semen you produce when you ejaculate. There are many different brands that promise this but you have to be a bit selective and really check out the promises and look at the fine print. What you want to look for is a that is made from all natural ingredients that you can check out and see for yourself that its on the level. Also, try to look for something that is made in the United States, because other countries don't have as strict regulations on the chemicals and additives that can be placed into a product like this. Look at China? If they can't even make a plastic toy that won't kill a kid, are you really going to trust them with your dick and come? Maybe thats why their cocks are so small!

The bottom line is that you need to be sure that you're taking the utmost care when it comes to your junk. Shop around and make sure you're not poisoning your cock with some knock-off product that some jerkoff intentionally left harmful just so that he could save himself a buck or two. I can say, with honesty and experience, that the premier that is dependable, safe, and trustworthy is MoneyShot Pills.

MoneyShot is made with all natural herbs. These plants have been scientifically researched and proven to increase the amount of semen you produce each and every time you ejaculate. You can polish your knob with pride, knowing that you've got something that not only sends your splooge level through the roof, but is also not permanently going to disfigure your meat wand. For that matter, MoneyShot is made right here in the United States which, lets face it, is a rarity these days. With our country's standards and regulations, you're ensured a healthy, safe product with no annoying ingredients that just may leave your crotch looking like ground zero.

I've tried MoneyShot and let me tell you; This is one that does the trick. I popped a handful (three, I think), because I had been seeing this girl for a while and I knew this night was going to be the night I would finally get to fuck her. I took a shot on these pills, because I had heard about them and was slightly curious, but not convinced. Anyways, I figured why not try it out. Well, fast-forward three hours and we were pounding away like a pair of sixteen year olds who have just discovered a new hole. When I reached my climax, I made sure to pull out and see just for myself how much come I would produce. Friends, I wasn't ready and neither was she. I blasted her with such a downpour of massive man milk onto her face and chest that she looked like she had rabies! We were both astonished, and slightly turned on. After that I was hooked, and so was she. I'll tell you right now that it never gets old when you pull your cock out of a sweet pussy and drench your girl with bushels of creamy dick-dew.

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"So you know, your product helps kinda' regain that."

"Yeah, it’s the fun aspect of it, but I think it also – what it does is it like... I don’t know. It’s not the fountain of youth, so to speak, but it’s like as you get older and things start to – you know, you have to take a little more effort to do certain things and whether it’s sex or whether it's workin’ out, or whatever it may be. So you know, your product helps kinda' regain that."

semen volume

"A guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product."

"Probably after looking at the website, probably a guy like my age who probably was looking for the same thing when he created the product. And I don’t necessarily know how you, you know, came to the conclusion to put X, Y, Z as the ingredients in the product, but I just figured it was a guy probably like me looking for something extra in his sex life, and that’s what they did. They got together and created a product for it. I gave actually some – a couple pills to my boss and then to my brother to try out. And, you know, they’re kinda' like me, like dirty like me too."